Borraccino law firm
Consulting services for individuals or companies owning receivables
against public agencies throughout the country.

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    Law Firm Borraccino provides a wide range of consulting relating to the evaluation of credit status, the analysis of the debtor, agreements for categories, regional agreements and disputes of various nature, also proposing as mentoring during the meetings with regional representatives and/or AO and ASL. Whatever are your needs, the study provides a comprehensive and satisfying service. Please contact us for more details about it.

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    Borraccino law firm was founded in 2000 with the aim to provide consulting service for private or companies that are creditors against health care public institutions, throughout Italy. The seven lawyers who collaborate with the office in Rome are Antonio Borraccino, Concetta Sorrentino, Giovanni Esposito, Patrizia Conti, Gianluca De Luca, and Damiano Camillò. The Collextion Legal is also present with its collaborators in the courts of Milan, Naples, Bologna, Verona, Caserta and Foggia, this guarantees a widespread presence and centralized management of credits against ASL and hospitals throughout the country.

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    The law firm Borraccino is also active in the credit collection sector, providing consulting services and legal assistance. The firm, in this specific area, has managed to achieve significant results thanks to a team that is constantly updated. It is able, with efficiency and timing, to complete each task in the best way, with maximum reliability and full satisfaction of the customer.

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    Borraccino law firm also offers innovative solutions for the credit management, to optimize business processes and achieve a significant reduction in operating costs.
    As part of the activities developed for the customers, through the IT division, the firm Borraccino analyzes, designs and develops ad hoc software platforms, completely customized for customers’ needs and, where necessary, integrated with customer systems.


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Borraccino law firm

The remuneration for the firm is subject to the actual collected by the customer. The total amount owed will be part of the amount to be paid under court judgment and part based on the DSO achieved and agreed with the customer.

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