Credit collection

The law firm Borraccino is also active in the credit collection sector, providing consulting services and legal assistance. The firm, in this specific area, has managed to achieve significant results thanks to a team that is constantly updated. It is able, with efficiency and timing, to complete each task in the best way, with maximum reliability and full satisfaction of the customer.
The Studio Borracino responds to a fundamental need of the companies: to have a single and qualified point of reference to effectively address all issues related to credit management, reduce collection times, manage the collection for extra judicial, judicial and fiscal settlements, optimize the usage of internal resources and reduce costs and charges related to credit collection activities.
A company that matures a receivable from the Public Administration, especially in the health care public sector, must first know the tools and the most effective actions to safeguard its rights.
Should it become necessary a legal collection of a credit, any initiative of the law firm Borraccino will be focused to achieve, in the shortest possible time, a writ of execution to proceed with the executive procedures against the Public Administration, supporting the company with efficiency, speed and utmost professionality.

Time needed for the Judicial Recovery of Credit
It is known that the time required to achieve a writ of execution may vary widely from court to court. The timing for a judgment of ordinary cognition can be about two years, when you can provide a documentary evidence of the credit.
With regard to injunctions, the “telematic” courts take on average of 20 to 30 days to issue a decision against the two months required for an injunction registered in the paper form.
If the formula of provisional enforceability is not granted to the injunction since its issue, in order to obtain it (or in case of no opposition and consequent passage to final judgment to obtain an enforcement), the required time is very variable and, depending on the Courts, it ranges from a few weeks up to 4 months.
Once that any kind of enforceable title has been achieved, this must be notified to the competent Public Administration and then it is possible to proceed with the injunction notification and the execution phase.

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