Sales of Credits

A credit assignment made without a thorough analysis of the debtor, in terms of both timing and recovery mode, it can often be harmful to both the assignor and the cessionary.
Direct experience in managing litigation against the P.A. (Public Administration) and the many problems encountered and brilliantly solved over the years have allowed us to develop a deep, consolidated knowledge of this particular type of credit often protected from unfair or unconstitutional special laws. To this proven experience one should add the constant updating of all legal, regulatory and management transactions related to structured finance, that allows us to provide comprehensive and highly qualified support for all types of investors intending to enter the credit market against public administration. Through the creation of an innovative network we are able to monitor more than 5,000 already pending enforcement proceedings against a variety of Aaoo, AASSLL, Regions (Local Government), municipalities (City Hall) and Authorities. Thanks to this comprehensive skillset we are able to provide, prior to the sale, a schedule of the recovery task and an improvement of the collection times.

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